ABC Insurance Solutions Inc.

We provide reliable benefit plans with a modern approach

What Makes Us Different


We’re proud to say that our company has been providing quality benefit plans for three generations to businesses and associations across Canada. We have earned the respect of insurers with our long-standing reputation for in-depth industry insights and knowledge.

Whether your business operates as a sole proprietorship, a family business or a large corporation, we provide unique and dependable group insurance plans for employers and their employees across Canada. Our company provides some of the most flexible offerings for fully insured benefits.

All our plans include a premium less claims option called Cost Plus. This plan only charges a small administration fee on the claims submitted. The rule for Cost Plus is based on the value of eligible claims allowed by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).




Our Offerings

We provide fully insured benefits for any firm

Our benefit plans can insure employees of firms with only one employee, a family business or hundreds of employees. We have been providing small business benefit plans across Canada offering the same insurance coverages that are usually only offered to large companies.

Home of the veraflex insured flex benefits

For over a decade, we have been providing company employees the ability to select different plan designs through fully insured wellness benefits. Employees can choose the best wellness options to suit their needs within a single benefit plan. The wellness benefits selected by each employee are fully insured and the employer’s funding remains the same regardless of the employee’s choice. Employers don’t need to top up benefits by using additional products such as a Health Savings Account (HSA). Employees are fully insured using this type of benefit funding.

Cost Plus included with every plan

Cost Plus can be considered a type of Private Health Services Plan, recognized by the CRA. Cost Plus allows businesses to deduct health related expenses eligible under the Income Tax Act and to reimburse eligible health related expenses on a tax-free basis. There is no premium funding or annual fee for this service. A small administration fee is required based on the value of the claims submitted.

Integrated group RRSP

Our employee group RRSPs are integrated with our benefit plans in a single statement for employers wanting to provide benefits and RRSPs for their employees. Employees can also set up their own additional funding or lump sum contribution to the RRSP without involving the employer.

Easy To Understand Benefits:

We want you to have the best benefit plan possible which is why we provide our agents with business centered professional knowledge for the design, implementation and management of a group benefit plan. This makes sure that you are insured with a consistent and dependable plan for your employees.

Our experience ensures that both business owners and employees understand what is being provided to them, not just what products they have. We also provide you with strategies for the maximum tax relief available for your benefits to enhance your investment in your employees.

Network of advisors

Independent and Impartial

Our advisors are independent and work with various insurers to provide advice on the best benefit plans for their clients. A strong network ensures that they can share knowledge, insights and best practices between themselves to support their clients.

Working with a member of our advisor network means that you can reap the benefits of skilled and unbiased advice from across the industry instead of a single insurer’s perspective.